Genuine Rear Bumper integrale 8v / 16v

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Genuine plastic Lancia Classic rear bumper for Lancia Delta integrale 8v and 16v

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LIMITED STOCK The rear Bumper for Lancia Delta Integrale is made with an original mould and is made of POCAN S1506, it is extremely easy to assemble and 100% street legal. POCAN S1506 is the raw material used for the original product; it offers high resistance to heat and abrasion , as well as excellent anti-slip properties , good resistance to chemical agents, low susceptibility to stress cracking and low moisture absorption. The rear Bumper for Lancia Delta Integrale is also shipped in a special packaging with the "Lancia Classic "logo. Attention: for this bumper the flaming process is not necessary; it is then sold not primed and sandblasting must be completed by the workshop / customer who buys it.